The Circle of Souls series is a tale of magic and adventure set in the kingdom of Heldrassë.

The reign of Queen Sofia Bluddë is coming to an end as her health fails, and the Great Houses scheme in the shadows, bringing the kingdom to the brink of civil war.

Duke Ferdinand Swanne, Lord of House Emerald returns to the capital with his daughter Maia, to find the courts filled with whispers and discontent. As Maia begins her first term amongst the other sons and daughters of the noble houses, she uncovers a world of forbidden histories, and tales of magic long-suppressed.

When the gruesome Madame Gourgonne becomes their royal tutor, things quickly get out of hand, and Maia and her dearest friend Prince Erebus, heir to the throne, become entwined in a story of murder and deceit that spans lifetimes.


I.G. Hulme has been an artist and author for over thirty years.

He is best-known for ‘The Heavenfield‘ series of dark science-fiction stories.

The Circle of Souls series began as a collection of short stories written over the course of twenty years. With the birth of his daughter, he decided to write a set of longer books each year, which would chart the adventures of Maia as she grew up, her age corresponding to that of his daughter.

The first book in this series is The Ruby House.

More information about the writing and artworks of I.G. Hulme can be found on his publishing website


When I first wrote some of the short stories with the characters Erebus & Maia, the plot created a loop in time, when the children are between the ages of ten and seventeen. As my little daughter Annabel was growing up, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to write a book each year, where the character Maia grows up alongside my daughter.

I had hoped that Annabel would enjoy the stories, but to my delight she has become much more involved than I could have imagined. We read the first drafts together, and she proof reads for errors, and has become an honest critic of the writing. She also helped draw some of the House symbols, which I was then able to expand upon.

This is what she has to say about the story:

Story Review

I love the books my dad has written and I think that they would be great for people who are looking for magic mixed with history.


I think there is just the right amount of action and long conversations. It doesn’t drag on with lots of talking and no doing things.


The title, to me, is really well-thought-out and clever. It’s very mysterious and exciting and I, personally, love it!


The theme of the story is based on Maia and what adventures she gets to do and what mischief she gets into. I believe that my house have always liked some quirky ideas and I think that the Heavenfield is the quirkiest of all!

Story Set Out

I think the layout of the story is really good and me and Dad would spend every evening sat on my bed, editing the story and I really enjoy it. I liked drawing pictures for the houses. I made the Emerald House logo.

By Annabel Hulme
Age 9